Vibers made of dutch grown Elephant grass

vibers™ is a new material with a natural look and feel. It's is made of Dutch grown Miscanthus Giganteus (or Elephant grass), a fast growing crop which captures 4x more CO2 than a European forest. Thanks to proprietary techniques it is made suitable as a raw material for premium paper & cardboard, biopolymers and even concrete. We grow our crops on wasteland which is not competing with agricultural land and for the cultivation and harvesting we are working together with local labour.

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We started with vibers because we wanted to develop an alternative for fossil-based resources used for plastic packaging. By cooperating with leading players of this industry we want to convince them to use vibers as a raw material for new packaging material. Together we can reach sustainable goals without making large investments because our material can be used in their existing machines. By using our granulate an energy saving of 30% can be reached while the thermoforming or injection moulding can be done at much lower temperatures. That means even faster production. In other words: with the fibers of vibers we make replacements for polluting products which are strong, durable and more environmental friendly. Change the script, join the vibe.

Our products


Got questions from your customers for a more sustainable product? You've found it! We supply vibers foil and granules for extrusion and injection moulding. Low temperature and faster production. Change the script.



Do you know that concrete is the most used material in the world and cement is environmentally polluting? vibers is also a solution for this problem. Natural fibers, good insulation and strong. Even for 3D-printing a wall. Change the script.


Consumer Goods

Products such as booklets, a nice storage box for your rice, pasta or coffee. For sale at 20+ WAAR shops or on-line. Order vibers here and before you know it you also have some vibers in your home. Join the vibe.


Paper & Cardboard

Our premium paper and cardboard is excellent for printing your sustainable annual report or your book. We can even design specialties with your company logo. Available in plano format. Change the script.


Order vibers books now!

We designed eight unique notebooks. Each book is made from our premium paper and comes in two sizes who fit together as a set. Order them now on-line at the WAAR store.

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