We want to replace raw materials and products that cause damage with bio-based substitutes. By growing the raw materials locally, transport over large distances is avoided. Local transport is also cleaner and therefore less damaging. By manufacturing products under healthy working conditions, these can be better controlled.

Market leader
The main focus of vibers ™ is on producing products with the crop named Elephant grass. These products are being developed in collaboration with producers, as a result of which Elephant grass stimulates local employment in the manufacturing industry. Our goal: market leader in products with Elephant Grass.

A bit stubborn
vibers is a bit stubborn. We believe that it can be done differently. That we are stuck in a system based on fossil fuels, polluting production techniques, transport of raw materials from distant countries and production under poor conditions and with a devastating effect on the living environment. A system that no longer works. It is not sustainable. That is why our pay-off is 'Change the script, join the vibe'.