How vibers was founded

vibers™ is a registered trademark of NNRGY BV. The company was started by Jan-Govert van Gilst. He travelled to a number of countries where he saw that things are not going so well with our environment. In Borneo he saw plastic and felled rainforest everywhere, and the Permafrost was no longer frozen on the North Cape. He won a award with the business idea to grow energy crops on set-aside land. The idea was originally to grow Bamboo because of the high calorific value and the rapid growth. The Bamboo could then serve for co-fueling a power plant, such as in Rotterdam. After a visit to various port- and energy companies, the idea turned out to be more difficult than expected. Not because it was not possible, but because people were not ready for it at that time. The port companies did not want to make land available because of the strategic importance of the land. The energy companies were (at that time) in a leading position with imported wood chips and pellets from Canada and South Africa. With subsidy ...  And Bamboo was also quite expensive. Much attention was paid to searching for alternatives. It became Elephant Grass. The first plot was planted in Rotterdam.

In 2013, Jan-Govert was in the finals of the TEDxAmsterdam Award with the idea to cultivate Elephant Grass on large scale. And the company was included in the Top 100 of most innovative SME's. In 2014 paper was launched and via Twitter everything was sold within 3 days. With the help of crowdfunding, a small capital was acquired to plant a larger plot.

In 2015, NNRGY was a winner in a the Dutch television program  New bigger plot were planted. In the same year a 2-year project was started to use the fibers of Elephant grass in concrete  to 3D-print with it. NNRGY has now some very active shareholders on board who helped with the further finance and development.

Change the script, join the vibe
In May 2016 NNRGY received a certificate  for 'Green company of the month'. In 2017, new capital was found for the further growth and professionalization of NNRGY through an investment round. The NNRGY Group is now an excellent positioned, sustainable and innovative company and proud of its new brand vibers™. In 2017 a foil was developed for the packaging industry and Vibers Biopolymers was founded. And in the meantime we have also succeeded in making a 3d-printable concrete mix. In 2018 vibers was on Business News Radio and on a national news channel (NOS). Vibers is financed now by ABN AMRO, one of the biggest Dutch banks. Change the script, join the vibe.