vibers™ Consumer Goods

You have got something special in your hands! It is not plastic but vibers. A newly developed high tech material made from local Elephant Grass. Natural fibers, completely biodegradable, extremely strong, durable and beautiful. We re-use existing molds for the production of our products and deliberately minimize packaging material. Reuse has our preference over new. This is better for the environment.

Give nature an hand with vibers

We take it for granted to immediately throw away something after use, put our stuff in the dishwasher or use aggressive cleaning products. vibers is different. You treat something from nature with care. When you keep vibers cool and dry, you will enjoy it for a long time.

Instructions for using vibers
Wash vibers by hand in a lukewarm soapy water, dry thoroughly and use it only for cold products. You can use vibers up to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Do not put vibers in the dishwasher and never use it for hot drinks or a hot meal.