vibers™ Paper is made with Elephant Grass that grows locally in Holland. Our paper and cardboard is made in a 17th century dutch paper factory. So it doesn't come from far away countries. With this paper you contribute to a better world. Elephant Grass captures about four times as much CO2 than a tree forest. vibers paper is a wonderful alternative paper for you sustainable annual report or special products.

vibers Paper and cardboard are ready to order now
vibers™ paper is available in a premium quality:
- plano sheets 46 x 64 cm
- 90 grams paper
- 300 grams cardboard
We also have 90 grams A4-format in stock

Books with your company logo
From vibers™ Paper we have made some wonderful notebooks in A6- en A5-format. They come in 12 original designs. If you want we can provide you with a special design for your company, including your company logo. Please get in touch with us to learn about the possibilities.