vibers™ is a new high tech material from nature

vibers is made from Elephant Grass. That is a local grown crop that captures 4x as much CO2 as a European forest. Thanks to modern techniques, it is very suitable to make high tech products that are better for the environment. We supply granules for injection mouilding and foil. We also supply a extrusion grade if you are able to make your own foil or sheets. Are your consumers also annoyed by plastic packaging? Our material is biobased and bio-degradable. Low forming temperatures allow even faster production. Change the script, join the vibe.

Your consumers will enjoy vibers
It's all over in the news. If you walk on a beach you will undoubtedly run into it: plastic. In all shapes and sizes, from small caps to large boxes or fishing nets. It is a big problem and gradually everyone is convinced that it is no longer acceptable. Plastic is everywhere, even in our food. It takes about 500 years before it's gone. vibers wants to tackle the problem at the source. It all starts with a material that is much better for the environment with good technical properties. vibers offers producers an alternative. So end consumers have a choice. Change the script, join the vibe.

Want to know more about this wonderful plant? Here is a Link to Wageningen University & Research about Miscanthus