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Injection molding company Timmerije wins prize for bio based plastic Vibers

Posted on May 6, 2019

Frank Bruins (right), account manager at Timmerije, and the jury

EINDHOVEN – January 26, 2018.
The Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform Annual Congress took place on Thursday at the HighTech Campus in Eindhoven. Here Mikrocentrum presented the Inspiration & Innovation Award for the fourth time. Out of five nominated companies, those present at the annual congress elected Timmerije as the winner.

The Inspiration & Innovation Award is an initiative of Mikrocentrum to bring innovative companies to the attention of the high-tech industry. In the run-up to the annual conference, members were able to submit innovations. From the entries, the professional jury nominated five companies: Avantes, Diabatix, Faro, P3D (Promolding) and Timmerije. These companies were allowed to pitch their innovation at the congress and then Timmerije was voted the winner on the spot by a public vote. Frank Bruins, account manager at Timmerije, received the award from the jury and an amount of money consisting of an incentive prize of two thousand euros and an amount of three thousand euros to be spent freely at Mikrocentrum.

Elephant grass planted

Timmerije from Neede was the first plastic injection molding company to produce the newly composed bio based material Vibers into a successful end product. Vibers is a 100 percent bio degradable biopolymer that is reinforced with natural fiber from the sustainably grown Miscanthus (elephant grass). Timmerije has even planted two hectares of this crop in order to further develop environmentally friendly, sustainable and bio degradable products with partners in the future. This is combined with sustainable production on energy-efficient injection molding machines fed by self-generated green electricity with more than five hundred solar panels. Frank Bruins was pleasantly surprised with the award: “Let us be an example for the plastics processing industry by further developing the biological cycle for the world of tomorrow in addition to the technical cycle.” Vibers is happy to be able to help producers to make their products more sustainable.

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