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Now available: From Plants for Plants! Vibers Flowerpots

Posted on July 12, 2019

Bio degradable flowerpots

HONSELERSDIJK – 12th JULY 2019. Beautiful and natural flowers and plants belong in a pot made with natural materials. With sustainable flowerpots from Vibers your plants looks even better.

Vibers prevents the use of fossil sources. We make Vibers from a crop called elephant grass, using the whole crop, and without using chemical processing. Thanks to new technology, we use Vibers to create materials with a high technical performance, and with a low ecological footprint. Our technology is scalable, usable for other companies all over the world. As we like to say: “we put Vibers inside!”

Sizes and colors

You can get our bio degradable flowerpots in different sizes between 6 and 20 cm radius. The flowerpot is available in almost all colors. A wonderful, trendy shaped sustainable pot that fits in with the circular economy.

Where to buy our flowerpots

GROWFUN – Factory for Flowerpots

Your products deserve sustainable and beautiful packaging. Let’s change the world together. For more information about Vibers flowerpots please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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