Vibers developes advanced technology and materials with local Elephant grass fibers; the 100% natural miracle crop. Vibers bioplastic, paper and bio-concrete is contributing to combat climate change, resource scarcity and plastic pollution.

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Elephant grass, ready to harvest

The Crop

Elephant grass (miscanthus giganteus) can grow to heights of more than four metres. It is a perennial grass, native to tropical Asia, that also grows worldwide in moderate climate zones like Mid- and Northern Europe. We grow and cultivate our own elephant grass in The Netherlands, while also working together with other growers.

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Bioplastic made with Vibers means a 100% organic, 100% sustainable, 100% feel-good product. Vibers can be used for injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming, so it is suitable for any number of applications.

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Example of injection moulded fruit bowls
Suitable for laser, inkjet and offset printing

Paper & cardboard

More sustainable paper and cardboard means less pollution, less landfill and less deforestation. Contact us, if you would like to know more.

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Bio-concrete is the building material for the future. Introducing a high technical performance with a low ecological footprint.

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Park bench made of bio-concrete
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