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At Vibers we are constantly engaged in research and further development. We have now fully developed a new biobased, biodegradable material for injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming. Our foil is available in various roll sizes and thicknesses. Vibers is suitable for a growing number of applications, including sheets, packaging for electronics, luxury packaging for cosmetics, and injection moulded furniture. “We put Vibers inside!”

  • Bio based
  • Bio degradable
  • Made in Holland from a non-food crop
  • Unique look and feel
  • Vibers can be used with most common manufacturing techniques
  • We provide technical assistance
  • Energy savings until 40% due to low forming temperatures
  • High speed production
  • Reduced ecological footprint
Where to buy our products

WAAR – The store for sustainable consumer goods
Interall Group – The store for sustainable business gifts
FairForward – Wholesale for Gifts and Living products

You or your company can order bioplastic granulate directly from Vibers. Please contact us for options and prices.

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Your sustainable product deserves Vibers. Let’s change the world together. For more information about Vibers bioplastic please contact us. We are always happy to help.


Processing Guidline Injection Moulding 
Processing Guidline Extrusion 
Cradle-to-gate Carbon Footprint (LCA) 
TDS (Technical Data Sheets) are available upon request.

Vibers Granulate for Injection Moulding and Extrusion
Injection Moulding with Vibers
Thermoforming with Vibers
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