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Vibers developer advanced technology and materials with local Elephant grass fibers; the 100% natural miracle crop. Vibers bio-concrete is available as a mix for outdoor applications in the public space like street furniture, tiles, architectural designs and bases for various uses. Vibers concrete is available as mix for ultra-lightweight applications in building & construction like acoustic panels and sound walls. Vibers bio-concrete is piloting a mix for 3D printing for indoor applications.

Benefits of our minor applications in the public space
  • Low ecological footprint
  • High quality and durable
  • Less weight
  • Frost and weather resistant
  • Made in Holland
Benefits of our ultra light weight bio-concrete
  • Low ecological footprint
  • Ultra lightweight & ultra low density
  • High sound absorption
  • Good thermal insulation
  • High quality & good strength
  • Natural look and feel
Benefits of our mix for 3D printing
  • Low ecological footprint
  • High early strength & good elastic properties
  • Balanced flow, hardening and adhesion properties
  • White, marble like appearance

You can order Vibers bio-concrete directly from Vibers. Please contact us for options and prices. We are always happy to help. Next to bio-concrete we also offer Vibers paper & cardboard and Vibers bioplastic. Your sustainable product deserves Vibers. Let’s change the world together.


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