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Pre-packaged set of promotional materials that provide information about Vibers. Vibers developes advanced technology and materials with local Elephant grass fibers; the 100% natural miracle crop. Vibers bioplastic, paper and bio-concrete is contributing to combat climate change, resource scarcity and plastic pollution.


Press releases

ABN AMRO financiert nieuwe grondstof Vibers (NL)

Radio & Television

BNR Newsradio
NOS Journaal
NPO Radio 1 Dit is de Dag
NPO2 VARA Nederland wordt groen 8:53 min.

Awards & Nominations

Zuid-Hollandprijs 2011 winner
TEDxAmsterdam Award nominee 2011 & 2013
ASN Wereldprijs, last 20 in 2014
BNR The Green Quest 2019/2020

Photos and images, logos

Still “Founder of Vibers in a field Elephant grass” (high resolution)
Photo “Talkshow De Wereld Wordt Duurzaam” (high resolution)
Logo PNG “Vibers”
Logo JPG “Vibers, Change the script, join the vibe”

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Tradepark Westland
Jupiter 410
2675 LX Honselersdijk
+31 174 725 812

VAT No. 8513.73.665.B01
Chamber of Commerce No. 54617073
IBAN NL06 ABNA 0818 9173 26
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